There are many different ensembles available:

Solo: flute, violin, cello, keyboard, guitar & harp

Duos: flute/cello, violin/cello, flute/violin, harp/cello  and keyboard/cello are a few of the duos available

Trios: flute/violin/cello, violin/viola/cello string trio or two violins/cello, keyboard/violin/cello, Klezmer trio, etc. are some of the trios available

Quartets: String quartet or any combination of four  

Other: Male and female vocalists as well as organists are also available


Choosing an Ensemble

Usually the size of the ensemble is based on your budget and the number of people attending your event. If you have a larger number of guests, you usually have a bigger ensemble. For example, we suggest the following:

1 to 50 guests - solo or duo

75-125 guests - duo or trio

over 150 guests - trio or quartet

Indoors or Outdoors

A perfect setting outdoors can be just right for a small ensemble. The only drawback is that we cannot play in the rain or sit in direct sunlight. If we have covering such as an awning or umbrella over us, it is not a problem. The instruments we perform with are valuable and can be damaged by water. For early Spring or late Fall events, you may need to take the outdoor temperature into consideration -- if it is below 65 degrees, it is more difficult to play well outside.

An indoor wedding is the perfect setting for classical instruments and helps set an elegant mood. Most of the time we sit in the front on the left or right so that your guests can see us as we play. We decide all those specific details when we meet or talk on the phone.

Changing Your Mind

If you book your musicians in advance, over the course of the year you may decide to change your ensemble or add another instrument. If this is the case, we will provide you with a revised contract. It's no problem.


From weddings to cocktail hours, rehearsal dinners, corporate events or Bar and Bat Mitzvot, we can play the right music for your celebration. Let us help you select music that will entertain your guests and allow your personal music choices to be played.  


Classical or Popular Music

Whether you want all classical for your ceremony or a bit of classical mixed with more current songs, we can perform just the music you want to hear.  Your guests will be amazed at your "one of a kind" ceremony. 


Music Choices

You may want all Bach, Handel or the Pachelbel Canon or you might prefer the Piano Guys or Coldplay mixed with your favorite band's song -- we can play it for you. If the music isn't available in print, you may choose to have our special music arranger create an arrangement for your ensemble. There is a small fee for this option.


Don't know which ensemble to pick?

The right size ensemble and music can not only set the mood, but save you money. If a duo will be just enough, we will let you know. If you have always dreamed of walking down the aisle to a string quartet, then by all means ask for a quartet quote! If you want a singer or an organist or some other instrument, let us know.  If you have a friend or family member who would like to sing, we can accompany them. 

Whether you need one hour at a single location or several hours at two different locations, we offer a variety of ensembles to meet your needs. A popular ensemble choice is a soloist or duo for the wedding ceremony. Then, to liven up the sound, adding another instrument such as piano for the cocktail hour.

We always offer to meet with you before the wedding. Some clients prefer to meet before signing a contract and others like to meet a month or two before the wedding. Whatever works best for you. If Avon is not convenient, there might be a location that fits into your busy schedule as your big day approaches!